About Us


Hello and a warm welcome to this site.

Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Stuart Thornton I have worked in the film processing industry for many years.

Having gained a great deal of useful experience over the years, I decided to put this experience to good use and founded Processing Imaging Equipment Services, specialising mainly in Veterinary x-ray imaging.

My mission is to give a good, honest and reliable service, offering outstanding value for money.

Available NOW!

  • Various DR systems for Small and large animal and equine use .
  • A range of high image quality CR systems for desktop, wall mount or portable use.
  • Also available a new laptop ultra sound system designed with vets in mind.

Did you know?

We carry a range of powerful portable high frequency x-ray units and automatic x-ray film processors, radiation protection equipment, x-ray cassettes and grids, x-ray film and chemistry, operating lights, operating and theatre equipment including footwear, consulting and operating tables, patient monitoring equipment including Sp02, ECG, C02, NIBP and HR. Vacuum autoclaves, cat and dog scales.

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You can also contact me to learn more about my selection of refurbished equipment and specialised servicing of x-ray equipment and film processors.

Thank you.