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Jonathan Mills BVM&S MRCVS – Forest House Veterinary Surgery

After many years of careful abuse, our existing DR digital x-ray system was suffering and beyond economic repair. Having been looked after for many years by Stuart from Processing Imaging Equipment Limited, we took his advice and invested in a brand new DR Detector. The image quality is superb and the system intuitive, the whole team were up and running with it very quickly.

Due to space constraints, we didn’t have a dedicated x-ray table, instead we had been using the table top of our dental table / tub sink to support the plate and patient during radiography. Stuart had the bright idea of custom building a new top for the table with a perspex top and moveable stainless steel plate carrier underneath. Now we have a dedicated x-ray table that can quickly be converted back to a tub sink or dental table as necessary. A great idea and very well made in-house by Stuart’s team.

Dawn Norton – Practice Manager at Haygate Veterinary Centre, Lawley

Very helpful in suggesting correct positioning of the unit. Work completed in timely fashion and to a high standard’ Fire CR Flash 70 Scanner Installed March 2016

Mendip Chiropractic – Dr. Andrew Clay DC

I am writing as I feel it necessary to put into words my experience with Stuart and the team at Processing Imaging. Early last year I had a complaint launched against me from a patient that had left care some five years previous.  In this time she had consulted several ‘Specialists’ and had recently been diagnosed with a spondylolisthesis.  She accused me of, not only, mis-diagnosing but also of causing the spondylosis.  Fortunately, at the time, I worked in a practice with x-ray facilities and on retrieval of her file, the x-rays, reports and diagnosis clearly showed the correct diagnosis and consequently the correct care strategies.  I felt, along with the legal representation, that if I had not taken an x-ray at the consultation I would have had no real way of defending myself.So, when pursuing a new practice venture I felt that x-ray facilities were a must. I contacted several companies for advice on which would be the best approach to get this happening.  I can honestly say Processing Imaging were the only company who, not only contacted me back when they said they would, but also seem to be genuinely concerned with giving me the right information.The first thing arranged was a site visit where I was given great advice of access to get the equipment in place, the best way to position the tube and bucky in the space we had, where and how to get the correct power and data cables to the right places and also what materials would be needed to shield the walls and doors with. I was also asked to give their numbers the electricians/builders so Stuart could speak directly to them.The installation was quick, efficient and before long I was taken through full training of the new system.As with any new system there are always learning curves but it was great to know that help was only a phone call away. Coupled to this Stuart or Luke at Processing Imaging would regularly call to make sure everything was working fine and give advice if needed.Anyone who has installed x-ray equipment in their practice will tell you what hassle it can be.  The Radiological Protection, local rules, reports, risk assessments etc. can be a nightmare.  However, I can honestly say this would have been made a lot more difficult without the help of Stuart and the team at Processing Images. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

DR5000 – Kath, Park House Vets, Stafford – January 2015

I have been using the services of Processing Image Equipment Ltd since October 2013 when they installed a JPI DR5000 Mono Block Digital X-ray System in my practice.

Stuart and all his team are friendly, approachable and professional whilst delivering excellent customer service.
The digital x-ray system produces excellent images that are viewable within four seconds and the system is very easy to use.

FireCR – Dr A Bolesta, Hexham Chiropractic, Hexham  – 11th August 2014

I have been using Processing Imaging Equipment for a long time for my x-ray processing and supplies. I recently purchased their FireCR unit and am really happy with the results so far. The installation was very easy and I was explained how to use it on the day. Really easy, no hassle. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering digital x-ray.

DR9000A – Alistair Marks B.V.M.&S., Oak Tree Veterinary Centre, Edinburgh – 10th December 2013

I just want to congratulate Stuart Thornton and his excellent colleagues for our new and superb x-ray system, namely the DR-9000A. We have an ex NHS floating bucky table with a floor to ceiling stand and a modern high frequency generator and for the past three years, an early veterinary CR system. As with any technology, things move on and we were looking at updated CR products, before Stuart offered me a free trial of the DR9000A retrofit system. The sensor panel fitted in the film drawer in our table with no modification and the replacement computer in the place of the older one. The difference in image quality was stunning and the speed and convenience of the 4 second image very popular among our veterinary nurses. I’m keen on radiology and attend as many “film” reading sessions that I can. Now I could take my images along, knowing they were as good as many of those images presented and better than others. The installation was quickly and sympathetically effected. We now have a system that perhaps seems an indulgence for a small practice but has been a real “wow” factor for the clients and does allow us to make better decisions, meaning better medicine. The icing on the cake is the viewing monitor. Completely free to chose from the entire UK range of Eizo medical monitors, available through Processing Imaging, I chose a 27” 3.7megapixel model, approved by the FDA for general human radiology. This brought the final stage of the image acquisition up to the standard of our x-ray generator and our DR 9000A and much improved over a standard HD monitor.

X-ray Equipment and engineer appraisal – Janie – Clare, Rutland House Referrals, St. Helens

We are delighted with our new x-ray equipment, Stuart and his team understood exactly what we required and understood our business  needs, he put something in place to ensure disruption was at an absolute minimum and his team were brilliant during the installation process – we would highly recommend them.

Fire CR – Jonathan, Crown House Vets, Rochdale

Thanks for sending over the Fire CR unit, it’s good and that stand you have made works well. Just a note to say that Paul and Luke were very easy to deal with and made me even more sure that dealing with you and your firm is the right decision for all this practice’s imaging needs.

Thanks for accommodating Jess and I at your workshop too.

Consumer experience – Pred Provic, Chantry Vets, Wakefield

Our practice has been dealing with Stuart and the team for a few years now. The latest project we were involved together in was equipping our new hospital in Alverthorpe, Wakefield. It was a pleasure as always as the team is very professional and reliable and  always ready to help sort out potential issues. The most valuable quality of the team is the professionalism and friendliness – they always have a solution and an idea of how to make things as smooth and stress free as possible. This, combined with appropriate  pricing, an excellent company ethos and an outstanding warranty and maintainence service, makes PIES a valuable and trustworthy long term business partner to every veterinary practice. I would wholeheartedly and strongly recommend them.

FireCR + – Danelle Okeson, DVM, Rolling Hills Zoo

We have been using the Fire CR digital veterinary radiology system since early 2011 in our zoo veterinary hospital and have been extremely pleased with the results. The unit was very affordable and gave us the opportunity to upgrade to digital imaging. We were looking for a computed radiography unit rather than a direct digital unit to allow greater flexibility in imaging the wide varieties of species at our zoo. We have obtained quality images on a variety of animals ranging from small frogs to the leg of a rhinoceros. The CR unit had provided a tremendous convenience compared to traditional film radiology. I find we are more likely to take radiographs for baseline and normal films, than we were with standard films that required chemical processing. The image quality is vastly superior to traditional film radiology. This has been a valuable tool in assessing the health status of our wild and endangered species. I highly recommend the FireCR unit.

DR4000 – Paul Wilson, Wilson Vet Group, Bishop Auckland

Having had a CCD capture direct digital system in the past we have now been using the DR4000 for over 2 years and have found the machine to give a very high quality digital image that can be viewed on screen in seconds. This machine has been a huge improvement on our first nachine that we used in the quality of the digital images being taken and is in use many times every day with very good reliability. The table extension is also a huge benefit for the longer patients. Overall I could not recommend the staff at Process Imaging enough, for the service and support they have given us and for providing a first class piece of equipment. I am more than happy for other vets to view our installation and see copies to demonstrate the standard of radiographs that we are obtaining with the DR4000.

DR4000 – Anne MacGregor, Ashlands Vets, Ilkley

We have been so pleased with the DR4000. It has reduced the amount of time taken for radiography tremendously, the xrays are available to view within seconds. The image quality is fantastic and having the ability to attach the file to the patients’ records makes the whole procedure much more manageable.

Jane Molina, Westoe Vets, South Shields

Our digital developer has revolutionised the practice and delighted staff and clients alike.  Service support is excellent too!